"But why they don't recommend the same developer without silver solvent as a second developer? I need your opinion about it - can I use the same ID-62 1+3, say, to make a second development?"

You can use whatever you like - any dev you have at hands, it wonīt have much influence on the tone etc. Timing isnīt critical, either, there is no way you could "overdevelop" (low base fog) since your aim is to reduce all the leftover silver halides.

"ewwww, it would be a nightmare to remove all those manganese dioxide brown stains from everywhere!"

No, not that much.

Mix the bleach with Aqua demin, let it settle for 30min, then filter it through a paper filter. A lot of manganese dioxide will settle there instead of spoiling your emulsion.

" They don't use bichromate bleach for its serious toxicity?"

Yes. Itīs pretty much non-available to private customers without professional background in Western Europe.

"But the permanganate is not better by all means, really. "

But available, cheap, easy to dose and working, too.

Last year a friend and I adressed bw reversal using the Foma slide kit in a small article published at http://www.sw-magazin.de/swmag_leser_09.htm (In german, but I know YOU can read it. ;-)

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