21 Feb 2012

First, my cards will go out in today's mail.

Secondly, my comments on cards received so far (in no particular order).
The card from Terry Christian is intriguing because I do not think of Egypt in Tennessee. Using slightly soft optics adds some dimension to the image.
The photograph from guitstik uses short depth-of-field to help the viewer ask "What is in the background?" The pine needles nicely frame the background.
Rob Skeoch sent a card with one of my favorite subjects, flowing water. Looks like a really cool (both photographically and literally) place.
Of the three photo sent by Mike Wilde the most interesting (to me) is "Folk Art Fish" Where did you find any Panatomic-X? Thanks for so much information about your photos.
It was a surprise to get a color print in the mail. This one came from anikin. Good mixture of colors with the prickly pear bloom as a focus.
The card from MattKing of the boathouses in Ladner is interesting because there are very little highlights or shadows, just lots of midtones for the view to into for detail.
I have never seen the effect that Piu58 shows in his card. It must be really neat to see these "ice shields" up close.
The card from Delphine is my favorite so far this round. The reflection of the boat, the fog, a corridor formed by the boats. So many nice design elements that give the viewer lots to look for. Keeps the image interesting.

Thanks to all for a wonderful set of cards.