I'm looking to buy a Fujinon 300mm f8.5 C lens with a black ring Copal shutter in nice user shape. I would like to pay via USPS MO, Cashiers check or cash if by some miracle you are selling one of these and live close to me. =)

Let me answer this in advance, no other lens will do. Not even the Nikkor 300M. This is for reasons of flange focal distance, I would be using it on a Toyo 45AII with only 324mm of bellows draw.

If you are interested I would be willing to work a trade for my 305mm G-Claron in a black ring Copal #1 shutter. Though the image circles are listed as the same my understanding is that the 305mm G-Claron's coverage gets much bigger when you start stopping it down and that it will cover 7x17. The lens is in great shape with the box. The only reason I am looking to switch is because the Fujinon has a shorter focusing distance, which wouldn't matter for someone using 8x10 or larger. Pics available if you are interested in a trade