Thanks for your reply. Consensus does seem to point to a speed graphic, at least for a quick route to a large FPS.

Which barrel lenses? Thing is, I don't know for sure. To give some background to my thought process, this all came about when I started shooting film, on 35mm, with a Canon FD. A friend had given it to me, and I asked why he didn't use it, wasn't only because he'd gone to the dark side, but mostly because Canon switched mounts. I later got a Nikon, different mount. Leica, etc. Some had reasons (better mount - bayonet vs. screw vs. ? - electrical contacts for AF, etc.) but I just wanted to use whatever lens on whatever camera I had and have it all work out. Manual everything. So I started researching extension tubes/adapters etc. Somewhere along the line I found movements and between the bellows adjustment and being able to control perspective, I was about it. Larger film formats were a bonus, and not the original goal. Panoramas on 35mm would be nice, and a 120 roll back covers all this nicely.

Wide angles I was thinking of are like the Contax 35/2.8 biogon - AFAIK not a retrofocal lens, but almost touches the shutter - very deep. I think some of the angulons are similar? Very large rear element?

I tend to take photographs of buildings and facades in the city I'm in - and it's usually somewhat spontaneous - not likely to pull out a tripod. I would however, like to be able to do some perspective control, swing to try and get a row of trees in focus, shift up to correct a tall building, that sort of thing. I think I can get close to what I want hand-held, but who knows. I may be way off base but that's where I'm at.

Regarding the speed graphics, you recommend the Pacemaker - is that because of the extra movements or the finders? Also, the limitation on infinity focus is due to where the bellows attach in the body? i.e. if I were to take the shutter and repurpose it, I may be able to modify that? Or with a recessed lensboard?

Again, thanks for all your input.