I have been shooting film for 5 years first with the EOS system, then FD, Nikkor and now I have entered the world of Rangefinder photography. I came into this world on a bittersweet level as I inherited a Leica M3 two-stroke from my dad who passed on recently. With that camera I got a 50/2 collapsable, a 90/4 collapsible and aftermarket 50/1.4 canon screwmount and I picked up a 35/2.5 Cos. Voightlander to round things off. The camera gets used as that is the way he wanted it. The first photo I took with the camera is my dad sitting with mom at the kitchen table, a shot I treasure. The other rangefinder in my bag is a Contax IIIa black dial with a 50/f2 lens from Kiev. The original Sonnar is MIA. I shoot with mostly Ilford Delta 400/100, sometimes Agfa APX and with colour its Fuji Superia all the way.
Of the two cameras I find the M3 the easier camera to use, however I find shooting with the Contax IIIa addictive. I plan to carry that camera around a lot. I have a Kiev 3 on the way as present from my brother who loves his Warsaw Pact cameras and his Leica screwmounts. I am toying with another rangefinder, most likely Voightlander Bessa R2a, new Leicas are out of my league.

I still shoot in SLR with a Nikon F, Nikkormat FTn and Canon AE-1 but they don't come out as often.