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Thanks! I think I'll opt for another IIIc or maybe a IIIC. I handled a IIIC once. From my recollection the viewfinder magnification was noticeably larger and brighter, my but the patch was worse... usable but definitely inferior to my IIIc (maybe a bad sample?). I liked the viewfinder but I wasn't so sure if it's worth double the price. However, the Kodak Retina is my favorite 35mm camera so I now think that it is!
The IIIC has a far better patch than the IIIc so yours must have been defective..

Another fine Retina with the large view-rangefinder is the IIIS. It is a rigid front rangefinder that uses lens from 28mm - 135mm and unlike the IIc/C, IIIc/C does not require transferring focus distance to the wide or tele scale plus each lens will automatically change the brightline focal length scale in the viewfinder..

Below is my IIIS with 50mm f/2.8 lens.. I have a 50mm f/1.9 Retina-Xenon on the way...