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A few years ago I have had an XA gone flaky, shutter release wise, sent in for repair.

The repair guy died. I profited a lot from the liquidation auction of the stuff his shop stocked.
Mike, was that Gord from International, down on Church? I used to hit his shop every time I went to Toronto, and was sad to hear of his passing. He always had something I could use.

I love my XA2, but wish it had more exposure control. You can use the ISO setting to over/under expose shots to your liking, but you still don't have control over DOF, which for me is a vital consideration of every shot. I missed out on an XA at my local camera shop a couple of months ago, and passed on one going for stupid money at Downtown a little after that. Some day one will be mine. (Hopefully before its shutter goes completely wonky )