Folks, I do not even own a computer (I use libraries and universities) but I have a question that can be answered by almost anyone. What formats does APUG accept for submission of photos?

I can easily have a scan done at FEDEX OFFICE for 89 cents. When I do this (like for my avatar here) I usually ask for JPEG and save it to my UBS flash drive. But then, the question becomes "what size file". I usually opt for about 300 DPI (good? bad?) but have found some sites do not accept more than 200 DPI.

So, I ask, if I wish to share, in the future, say, four photos here for comment (color or B&W), what should I have them saved as? JPEG? PDF? And what size? Thank you for answering a question that is a bit embarrassing in this day and age. - David Lyga