On the other gender, there's Thomas Eakin's swimming hole photo, which by itself is apt to be a common enough rural scene, but assumptions are quickly made because of the volume of young males photographed (who were also chaperoned). I see F Holland Day as re-interpreting the same material in a B&W pictorialist style. Male teens and crucifixion scenes are common to both of them.

Today we have Sally Mann. I have zero problem with photographers making photos with their own kids naked. It's part of who the kids are; documenting their matter-o-fact innocense and unrehearsed little life with artful photos. Using your photos of your naked kids for self promotion or selling your kids naked photos is more than I'm comfortable with. I mean, who is gonna buy photos of her naked children? Sure, if I were an uber wealthy person bad with the camera, she'd be a well regarded pick to commission photos of my kids. As a photographer, I'd not mind learning from her, but not to copy her. I'd like to think she's famous first as a photography educator, but I suspect she's actually famous for promoting her naked kids.