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The most profound moment I had was realizing that I am in the driver's seat of the process.

I realized that I only need one film, one developer, two papers, and one print developer. I change the results more than any product can, and by sticking to the same materials I learn a lot more about them, which enables me to push my boundaries a lot farther than I could have ever dreamed of. That's where I am today, and I feel a lot more confident in my ability, knowledge, and proficiency than I ever have.
This has led me to finally be able to shake, as a good friend calls it, "the photographer's disease" - the problem of constantly swapping materials looking for the next big thing to happen. Magic in photography does not come from materials. It comes from practice, hard work, emotion, and the brain. I don't exactly feel like a rock star with my photography, but I do feel free to just DO. And that is a major milestone for me.
Amen, my dear friend!