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Speculation about so-called mental disorders that have highly dubious validity even today can hardly be considered a "new tool." Neither can speculation about criminal intent. It is conjecture that lacks the most important piece of information-the person in question, who is not present and can say nothing in their own defense. This is not to defend Carroll of anyone else from wrong-doing they might have wrong-done (if any), but to defend him and the Poes, Dickinsons, Woodmans, Maiers and many other creatives from conjectural posthumous psychiatric "diagnosis", criminal accusation.
Forgive me for seeming defensive... but nobody in this thread so far (unless I managed to skip over a posting in my periodic reading of the thread) has accused anyone of anything except being creepy. I find it interesting that there have been two posters who have tried to "head the accusations off at the pass" by implying that acusations have been made, or about to be made. To be perfectly clear: being creepy is not a crime.