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Despite having begun processing & printing in the early 1960's and working professionally in phototoraphy from the early 1970's it was a realisation in 1986 that I wasn't happy with my own personal work.

I'd made some great images in North Wales but realised something was missing - Tonality - and that 35mm was too grainy !

I went from printing with maximum contrast to the opposite printing with maximum tonality, while I'd been using LF for commercial work I'd never used it for my own images. I switched to shooting LF for my own projects in 1986 a move I've never regretted, I continued shooting 35mm but switched to an M series Leica but it became a diary camera.

Isn't it funny how different we can be? I went the other way, because I felt like I didn't have enough grain. Ditched 4x5 and only use the Hasselblad occasionally, in favor of 35mm.