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He is very clear about about his interests in his letters (booys are ugly, girls over 12 are not interesting but young girls are) but there is no recorded evidence that he ever turned thoughts into actions.

There are more than three of his nudes preserved but I don't remember the exact number. He destroyed a lot of them himself as stated above.

A creepy guy without a doubt and he was forbidden to see Alice Liddel for unknown reasons (probably just for being creepy and visiting a lot).
His letters are interesting reading, and you can try some Sylvie and Bruno if you want to know what he wrote apart from the books about Alice (don't be surprised if you don't finish it, it's crap)
Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass make a lot more sense and are more understandable if you read them in the latest version of Annotated Alice. There are many references to personal jokes with Alice and her sisters, politics, and text books that Alice used at schools. Without understanding the background, it is much harder to see the thought and humor in Dodgson's books.

General comment, not aimed at Jesper:
The parents were alway present when he took photographs. If you see that as being a pedifile then look in the mirror to see the root of the problem.