I think mine came in the last few weeks. I guess I was stuck in a rut both with photography and with life in general (a pretty hard time mentally for me that needed counselling). My psychologist set me a goal to do something positive every day for a week and I didnt know where to start, so she suggested that I get the camera out and take 4 shots per day and to bring them back the following week. It was hard the first day to even choose a camera. But I perservered. I tried each format I owned and realised that I see the world as a panorama and that 8x20 is the format for me.

So for me it was limiting myself to a single camera, a single lens, a single film and developer and the same with paper (although I havent printed any of the photos as yet). I still have the other cameras but if I am honest with myself I will probably cut them back to just the 8x20 and an 8x10. I realised it wasnt about the gear anymore, but about how I see the world.

I think that one task set by the psychologist was the trigger to me finding out what was important to me both in photography and life. And the 4 shots a day are still continuing not because I have to, but because it makes me feel alive again.