in case you have been following my donating habits
i just sent a check into the food bank today
( really donation charged to my credit card )
for the checks i just received from imagekind on saturday ...
sorry i am a bit slow on the uptake but kids school vacation this week
so got a few mins to call and donate

sold a few images ( ), needless to say, and while i always like to sell photographs
to people, i was really evenmore happy to make a donation ot thefood bank
last year at this time i donated a chunk of change ( i think it was well over 100$ ) to
the japan society in nyc, they were handling donations for the tsunami survivors &c in japan
and the year before i again charged a donation on my credit card to drs w/o borders for about 100$
they are working with folks in haiti and survivors of the earthquake ...
this year it wasn't 100$, but a few dollars less, but together with the cash donations
i made to the food bank at a local retailer, brought it close to 100$.

thanks for your emails, pms and posts of support, it is all appreciated.