Hi all,

Sorry if this turns out to be un-viewable from abroad, but on the Dutch website set up for viewing already broadcast television programmes, there is a nice documentary about Icelandic photographer Rax (Ragnar Axelsson). Narration is in English, just with Dutch subtitles.


I just watched the first 10 minutes, and it seems worthwhile with beautiful views of the landscape as well. Will watch the rest tomorrow, it is late here now.

According to the site, most programmes should be viewable from abroad, but some aren't due to rights issues. Don't know if this documentary falls in that category. Viewing it requires Silverlight in the default setting, but under "Instellingen" (Dutch for "Settings"), you can switch to Flash and also to a lower bandwidth version, which may be recommendable if you're on low bandwidth or abroad.

Give it a try and let me know if works in the thread.

Alternatively, there is of course Rax's homepage: