I have a Pentax 67 with 55 f4 and 165 f4 LS; this is a big kit, yet it all fits beautifully into a KATA DC445, which appears to be skewed toward digi cams (not SLRs). I even have room for my Sekonic.
There is no mention in your post just what your MF kit is. Some MF cameras are way too big to fit into e.g. my Kata and that would be most Bronicas and Mamiya bodies, but a Hassy 500 would go in with 3, even 4 lenses.
The KATA set me back $85.00 (from RRP of $136 after I haggled like a demon). Probably could be had on FleaBay, but methinks you will have to take your working gear along with you to a shop to actually check it fits in; I don't recommend "flying blind" with MF outfits that need space and protection.