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Zhenya, LZOS lists the J9 as "not available" - did they pull it from production? :-(
Hi Roman,
glad to see you here again! On your place I shouldn't believe what LZOS site says - that's exactly the place where the right hand doesn't know what the left one does J9 should be still in production, though they made maybe a million of them already? Anyway, I don't think that they brew glass for their photo lenses now. Maybe in case of J9 and, say, J61 they just assemble whatever they have inherited from USSR past...

PS. One of my friends who worked at LZOS someday told me that most of the color filters made under the brand of LZOS were in fact made by Pentax - optical glass factory in Izum was unable to output consistent quality, so the glass was imported The only local filters, he say, were the yellow ones, and not always!