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You said i should still look at work that doesn't really interest me because i might still take something from it, and i disagreed. At least i think that's what you said...haha
OK. I see what you mean. It's so difficult to explain written language so that it isn't misunderstood.

When you're out looking at the work of other photographers, in order to find the stuff you really like, you have to look at some that you don't like too. Everything you find in books, catalogs, galleries, museums, curatorial departments, etc can't all be just wonderful - some of it has to fall outside your realm of what you like. This begs the question: If you don't know what's bad, how do you know what's good?

So my suggestion is to use what you don't like, since you're there, running across it anyway, to define and reinforce your aesthetic for what you do like, because it helps to define you as an art observer. Since you have to glance at it to determine that you don't like it anyway.

Or do whatever you want. I'm just speaking my mind, as I'm sure you are. Like you I prefer to seek out the work of others that I really love, since that's what really inspires me. But I certainly don't like everything I come across, even from great established artists, which makes me wonder why, and asking questions is good.