I introduced Henson as a current photographer who has had his work and himself criticized for dealing with young people

I have just read bits of Marr's book "The Henson Case" and the school model scouting expedition is referred to on page 108 for those who want detal

I do not consider Henson's work pornography (the term etymologically referring to the depiction of whores) as it is boring - As pornography these days generally means that which will excite the libido and as nothing boring can excite, Hensons pix are by definition not pornographic, but there are those who get off looking at pictures of big trucks

The point that skimming Marr's book has reminded me of is the legion of really weird people who rant and scream about the depiction of naked children and youths, in the Henson case it was the journalist Miranda Devine, the former Australian cabinet minister KRudd, (the one who threw a hissy fit and left USA yesterday) and the utterly revolting Hetty Johnston, that woman is too much of a zealot to be safe

How does this link to the first subject - Part of the "collateral damage" in tis case was a photograph by Melbourne photographer Polixeni Papapetrou, of a young girl child called Olympia posed against a painted backdrop and titled "Olympia as Lewis Carroll's Beatrice Hatch before White Cliffs"

I could continue, but will wait to see if these observations develop the thread or are forgotten as a digression

John, who should be working in the garden