While this approach has its merits, I would argue that playing with a few different lenses and choosing the ones you 'like' has its merits too. There is sample to sample variation, as well as differences in performance between lenses (tho not necessarily between brands overall, with one being better than the other).

The 50mm componon-s I have is reputedly a great lens and it is fine in use.... but when I print from my 63 Nikkor or 50 Neonon (cost about 10) I prefer the prints and I can pick them out quite easily when they are intermingled. Equally my 135 componon-s and 150 rodagon are effectively interchangeable.

Buying a few lenses and experimenting is not that time consuming and if you buy wisely you get your money back when you sell.

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Just buy one or the other of them and make prints

If anyone here can correctly identify whether an enlarging lens was made in Kreuznach or Munchen from looking at a well made print I will give them all my Leica camera bodies for free