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I am fanatical, even maniacal, about dust. If I visit someone, I first seem to observe, by default, any thin layer of dust upon flat surfaces. I say nothing but it does mean something to me, at least subliminally. Almost daily I am on my hands and knees with a bucket of slightly soapy, warm water and a large rag scrubbing my linoleum floor in my tiny efficiency. (I hate rugs, which seem to be, oftentimes, too unclean for me.)
You would be VERY uncomfortable in my home, unfortunately.

I blow dust off of my equyipment and onto the floor an dsurrounding surfaces using a sqeeze bulb. My favorite is an infant nasal aspirator bought for cheap at the corner drugstore. Ususally that is sufficient and a brush is not required. Instead of a brush I've been known to use a hankie on occasion... but that's not recommended.