I cut my teeth on large Cibachromes which can't be retouched, and sometimes work in print processes that
requires multiple separation negs and masks,up to a dozen per print, so being careless with dust is not an option.
In fact, dust control is about half the work in the darkroom. I have a special room dedicated to fussy film use.
Prior to something critical it is all swabbed and mopped down. There is an industrial electronic air cleaner in there, triple-filtered air lines, and if needed an antistatic gun. Also have a machinist's inspection light to spot
tiny bit of dust on a neg or carrier. I wear a pure dacron clean room smock which leaves no lint. Even the sponges are specially chosen. Worth the extra effort. The room is due for another cleaning soon because some
black and white FB printing has been done in there recently, and FB does produce stray fibers. My biggest problem is with the floor - it's an old slab prone to efluoresence when the water table rises and can't be fully
sealed. Vacuuming that would be voodoo. Just have to keep mopping it with a bit of vinegar or stop bath in
the water.