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Personal projects is a commercial photographer's concept. You spend most of your life photographing for clients approval but you need to find time to work on personal projects. If you are an amatuer or art photographer the idea of personal projects vs other projects is silly, illogical. All your photography should be personal.
As an amateur/art photographer, but I consider personal project completely logical. Perhaps it's because I'm project oriented and interested in bettering my photography with some occasional mental focus. I'm more driven and motivated than some of the stereotypes, and projects are a way to assign priorities of money and time, just like in work or community service.

I'm not the type to see something, oooh pretty, I'm they guy with the camera, so let's burn some film on something random and see if I get better results... I have a short list of ongoing photo projects. If I see things with my eyes and mind that will contribute positively to one of those projects, I'll invest some time and film (or CF cards). Two projects could happen anywhere I'm apt to be; family photos and Maine winter. Other projects require revisiting a unique place (a collection of abstracts of a local manmade landmark) for changing and better subject matter. The car show example is another. Yeh, I shoot things aside from the projects I have, but I'll give projects first consideration most of the time.