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In Carroll's case, he wrote some rather disturbing letters exhorting the family to have Alice pose for him. So he left a written record as well as the photos. He didn't need the money, so another motive is clear from the letters themselves.

Let's just say that Alice's mother was obviously concerned about Carroll's attentions. It is crystal clear in the letters that his attentions were found objectionable...

The evidence is quite incriminating as to his objectionable, sexually charged behaviour towards a young girl. He left the evidence in his own hand.
There are now about four references in this thread to these letters. I have never read letter from Dodgson to Mrs. Liddell. Clearly, if I wish to express further opinion on the matter, I must do so.

Please can you (or BrianShaw) post a link to them on the web or tell us where we can access these letters?

I have searched for them but at the moment I haven't found them.