I have made over 100 prints in the past two weeks and this is exactly what I am finding too.

I also notice dust more on the 35mm than 120 due to the greater degree of enlargement needed to attain the print.

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What I do and don't:

- I don't clean my darkroom very much.
- I don't clean my film backs/camera bodies very often.
- I don't use an air cleaner in my darkroom.
- I NEVER vacuum clean since it stirs up more dust than it catches.
- I use compressed air to clean the film and the neg carrier before it goes in the enlarger.
- I store my negatives in archival and air tight (dust free) clam-shell binders (this helps a lot).

It is very very rare that I actually need to spot more than two to three spots in a print. I believe this is because I don't stir up any dust and because of how I store my negatives, for the most part.

The antistatic devices Max is referring to seem great too, but so far I haven't needed any of it.