I drove a couple of rolls of 120 Ektachrome to a lab that was somewhat nearby.
They charged me $7.75 per roll! Geeze, they must have the Queen of England back in the darkroom processing the film by hand! I've got to find a good mail order place.

I checked out the websites of the places that were mentioned in the above posts and they all seemed to be professional wedding and portrait, C-41 process, proof and printing places with a bunch of digital services. I think that one of them might have mentioned E-6 among their services. A&I has reasonable mailers for 35 and 120 if you buy 10 at a time but I don't know what the deal is with 4x5 shipping and I'm a bit concerned about the 6,000 mile round trip. I guess that's kind of silly these days but there must be a place in the Northeast.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.