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It is funny that a thousand people a day could surreptitiously take pictures of every detail of these buildings from every angle with their cell phones without drawing a glance and yet when some guy openly sets up a film camera on a tripod a half a block away in plain sight in the middle of the day to take the same picture that you can buy on a postcard in any dime store on Main Street and it's time to call out the home guard.

Last week, I wandered into a number of art galleries on Cape Cod that has posted signs on their doors stating "No food, drink, pets or cell phones".

I suspect that is a recognition that traditional photograph is an obvious activity, and if it is inappropriate, can be discretely managed. But cell phones can be used so surrepticiously that no one would ever know what is happening.

Seems to me that those who are concerned about security should be far more worried about guys wandering around appearing to talk on cell phones while trying to merge into the woodwork than they are about photographers with big cameras on tripods.