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I wish you lot would get a dictionary between you - Most of the time I can work out what you mean, (reported/purported) - But in this instance I take it that Jock Sturges is being referred to - Yes, I have his book "The Last Day of Summer" here on the desk to check the spelling of his name

So, having mentioned him, what is the point?

Here in Australia in my opinion we have the King of the Creeps defended and lauded by a bunch of purblind arts experts - I refer, of course, to Bill Henson - I was going to scan an image from his 46th Venice Biennale 1995 catalogue, but there is no way a scan from these dark catalogue images would survive the process of scanning and loading and still be readable

I refer to BH as here is a photographer who works with very young models, covering them in stuff and mutilating the images to form a large montage - More recently his work at the Roslyn Oxley gallery 9 was held by the police for a while, although to me these portraits verged on the innocent - BH has actually canvassed for models through a school, but I will have to re-read David Marr's "The Henson Case" 2008 for the exact reference - David Marr was a journalist who I used to respect, but no longer

Yes, nasty pix are alive and well in Australia - This is in my personal and owned opinion

Now to cop the flak, but I am used to it

Well, I thank jbaphoto, John, for spell checking me. Reminds me of my fuddy duddy middle school English teacher. But, ''what is the point?'' Really, you can't make that connection? The point, or points are, here's another photographer, one of many, who have photographed children in a way that some people seem to think sexualizes them. Now I don't like Henson, not because he's creepy, but because his pictures, to me, seem overly slick and self-conscious. When I look at Carroll's work, I enjoy them on many levels, including a glimpse into a rather eccentric part of his personality. I'm glad his pictures exist. Likewise Sturgis, and Sally Mann. And sometimes people get upset. So what. Worst pictures I've seen I think, were pictures of Nazi officers hanging children. This stuff, it is what it is.

Hey John, did I spell ''fuddy duddy'' right?