Good Morning Artonpaper,

I am sure fuddy duddy is right, but spell check is underlining it in red, I digress - My question regarding Jock Sturgis was as way of asking for an expansion

I thing I have always found odd is that Sally Mann and Jock Sturgis were castigated for producing what I find to be in general engaging portraits, although SM's pictures of nose bleeds etc I am not fond of, but that is part of the mix - The person who was never castigated to my knowledge was David Hamilton, who made deliberately sexual images of young Scandinavian girls

My prime criticism of Henson is his lack of engagement, to me the most crucial aspect of portraiture - I feel the lack of engagement goes hand in hand with his creepiness (a word use I accept in this thread) and the slickness of his presentation

Regarding the media noise over Henson's 2008 Oxley show I forgot to mention the radio campaign from Chris Smith of Radio 2GB in Sydney which started the furore, I was reminded of this by Ross Chambers - Living the the Southern Karri Forest Belt I am too far away to see the Henson show in Sydney, but if I was in NSW I would certainly visit it