I am trying to teach on 2 levels or perhaps 3 in order to give a foundation, history and future to analog. Without those, we are just repeating the distant past and that is all.

To quote myself: "However, much can be totally lost if you are not careful because the creation of a photographic system is as much an art as it is engineering and that is part of the beauty of it and part of the weakness as well." which has meaning in this context. No one person can "own" any aspect of analog photography. And this fits in the current context. There is room for everyone and every POV as I note in prior posts in that same thread. Read #42 and #44 again. I'm not the only one with that opinion.

We are both teaching people new to many aspects of analog photography. There is no need to throw a stone in either direction or we will both end up in the wrong. We will go a lot further helping each other out instead.