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Do any of you Aussies remember this?


Very, very tame — read, non-event, compared to Henson's seminal works. There is a lot more about Bill Henson than what poster's here postulate. I suggest you know him personally and understand his methodology, direction, drive and dedication. As for the "models" in his exhibition, the first, they were photographed many years ago and are adults. Contrary to populist myth, the poses were consented by family. His darkly malevolent film noir interpretation of the beauty of youth might have caused a silly beat up with a prudish Premier of Victoria (thank God he's gone back to the farm at Ravenswood to mingle with sheep), a trigger happy Police commissioner and a blood-lusting media, but the spin-off is that the controversy was quite good for business. He continues to do well with a wide retinué of projects reflecting his personal oeuvre and especially, his life dedication to the arts. His CV, readily available on the web, speaks reams for his wide acceptance in galleries around the world: very few of us have that sort of take-up. Clearly, even in these supposedly enlightened modern times, the non-artistically grounded NIMBYs are more interested in kicking up a righteous spray than learning something intellectual. Society's shame, art's gain.