"They did an excellent job of brainwashing the public. Today, heirs to that Kodak philosophy, on APUG and at GEH, are still quite determined to 'own' the process."

The above quote Denise, places you squarely on top of this issue! When you work alone, something I have seldom done, it is difficult to use "we" without appearing "regal" as that is the Imperial We! When Bill Troop and I work together on a new formulation of developers or fixers, I use "we". So, just a matter of English. After all, you use it too. You used it over 5 times in your post above. And, you seem to have gone to a lot of trouble marking my posts that apparently irritate you.

You do excellent work and your web site is mentioned in my book FWIW.

The fundamental problem between our approaches is that if a student asks me why something happens, I can usually answer them or know who to ask to get help. And, if they should ever teach, I would hope that they can carry that answer forward as a line of reasoning to their students. And thus you see my reasoning here. Both what you do and what I do, in terms of methodology are different but correct. There is no absolutely right way.