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Sorry I missed this when it was first posted.

The "silence" is more a case of hard of hearing (or is it 'listening'?). I've been shouting to the rafters until even I'm sick of me! The problem is the history of corporate ownership/monopoly on the entire silver gelatin field. Unlike with collodion, dry plate wasn't a diy process for long. It moved straight from invention to factory, and Kodak, et al, were quite determined to keep it that way. They did an excellent job of brainwashing the public. Today, heirs to that Kodak philosophy, on APUG and at GEH, are still quite determined to 'own' the process. In a page straight from George Eastman's playbook, they claim it is too hard for anyone but the experts -- as though each and every formula were part of a religious canon. Nay, I say!! ()
Perhaps photographers were happy to purchase high-quality manufactured dry plates instead of mucking with collodion and/or gelatin coatin?

I'm not quite sure of what the "George Eastman playbook" is, but I will say that the folks at GEH and associated with EK have been extremely generous with information and support in my own emulsion projects. Some of the best advice I've received is cautionary - it's likely saved me thousands of $.