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Those who obsess about proper spelling are quite often of such small minds that they cannot deal with anything else of substance.

Nothing personal, I'm jest sayin'
OK, I obsess, but in this case the spelling obsession was to confirm the spelling of a proper name - That being done the "fuddy duddy" bit I took as a joke

Also, and crucial to my posts is that I always claim, and where I have not I apologise, that my views on the work of Henson are my personal opinion based on seeing his works, I have said very little on the 2008ish portraits apart from saying, I think, that I found them verging on the innocent, I can say no more on these pix as I have never seen real prints

If I state that opinions on photographer's images are my own and not claimed as absolute I feel that is OK, but will take other views into consideration

Perhaps I should have taken my page one advice on this thread, but I am glad to see this thread running as it is a damned sight more interesting than Leitz vs Nikon arguments - I pick on that one as I started it