Fascinating and educating thread. Somehow it had passed me by, but I had never really taken much notice of Lewis Carroll or the Alice stories, other than I am aware of them of course. I did not know he was a photographer. The other angles are interesting, but I believe we cannot moralise on victorian values from a 21st century perspective.

I had a very interesting conversation recently with a foreign agent for the equipment I sell. I won't name the place - it is irrelevant - but he told me it is (little known outside the country) but customary for the ruler to have the services of different young girls from different "tribes" on a monthly basis. If the young girl becomes pregnant it is looked on with great delight, as it brings royal blood to the tribe (and helps the gene-pool which is otherwise constrained within the tribe). If she fails to become pregnant she leaves with presents. Either way, being the "chosen one" is looked on with pride.

The point is morals are different from place to place and from time to time. Who are we to judge.