Hello to you all!
I read in the Black & White Photography magazine about this site and here I am. My name is Velibor Bozovic, coming from Sarajevo (Bosnia) and live in Montreal for the last 5 years.
I bought my first SLR 2,5 years ago. Year and a half later I built a darkroom at home and I do not sleep much since. Still managing to find time for my two kids, wife, soccer and full-time job (eng. dept in aerospace company).
I am here to learn and being browsing through this site for two weeks I've learned a lot already (just can't figure out how to post an image to one of the galleries?!, help would be appreciated).
Till I get an answer to that, if you would be interested in seeing some of my photographs you can visit www.aleksandarhemon.com and look for a 'Pronek's Guide to Chicago'.
Well, this is my first ever posting to any forum on web and I'm glad I did it.

All the best!