The way I understand the OP, the problem is "soft" images, the opposite of sharp, not exposure latitude. I'm not sure where metering comes in to the query.

"Wide open" and "soft" are just the physics of optics and functionally unavoidable.

You can pay enormous amounts more $$$ for a lens to marginally improve the results, say for a 1.2 lens. RF lenses may be sharper wide open than an SLR lens, closer to the wider angles and losing the advantage at the tele ends.

IMH experience a 1.2-1.4 lens gets acceptably sharp at 2.8. The speed advantage just buys more headroom especially at f/2.8-4. My Olympus 35RC is as sharp at its wide open f/2.8 as my Yashica Electro GSN at f/2.8, though the latter can shoot as fast as f1.7. It's just that f/1.7 is a touch less sharp.

The advantage of the RF is no mirror slap, so one can usually shoot a full stop less shutter speed handheld.

The known method to rectify is to use faster film or push the film, and shoot less wide open. You then have to battle grain at the process/print phase.