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When people did not have the means it was a different story.
Many of us choose to use tools that do not have the means for a variety of very creative reasons.

This is one of many examples available:

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It's also helpful to know that all optical design has tradeoffs. Sure, you can get a sharp 1.4, but to get that usually there is corner falloff. They have to make choices. It's just the way optical physics works. There is no optimum design. price and size also impact.

Also, as the colour film (and TV) era dawned, many fast lenses of the 1970's to 1980's were actually designed to be less than sharp, and one way to do so was shallow DOF. Colour film was often too revealing of blemishes etc., so "soft" became an aesthetic.
Lenses and formats and film type and processing and aperture and coatings and paper choice and e
Lighting and enlarger light source and many other factors each influence the final photo.

Every choice we make effects the rest of our choices.