I finally tried out some Moersch easy lith on Wed. I'm just curious, when I do it again, does saving some of this week's "old brown" help to get it going sooner next time and how much do I add? I made this week's batch by using 20ml of A, 20ml of B, and 1000ml of water. Should I replace some of the water with old brown (though it looks more yellow than brown) or add it on top of the 1000ml of water (assuming I make the same mix)?
Attached is a straight print and a lith print of the same image. The straight one is on Ilford warmtone fiber and the lith is on Art 300 (the middle is slightly darker in both - pretty sure the lighting was a bit uneven, but maybe the development was). Is what I got for lith pretty much what I can expect with Art 300? Exposure-wise, the straight one is f16 for 12 seconds and the lith was f8 for 10 seconds. Should I try more exposure or is that in the ballpark? I really like it - the scan is close but doesn't really show the texture. I didn't get anything with the RC I have except uneven development.
If I want to try other papers, which is suggested (I know, I'll probably get 15 answers from 10 people)? I know Marianne likes Fomabrom 123 (and I like her look from what I've seen in the gallery), but I saw someone post that it's not that easy to start out with.
Yes, I'm now addicted, btw.