In dealing with my mother and fatherís advanced age and needs I have had to put in many months of efforts to get them stable and cared for. The job is never done and it has flattened my desire to do photography. Wrote about in a thread about finding my photographic mojo again on APUG.

In dealing with a life time of their things my father told me to take his IIIF rangefinder and use it or sell it. I doubt I could ever sell this camera w/50mm f3.5 and the 90mm f4 lens. I sent it to Youxin Ye to do a CLA on it and the lenses. It came back last night. I shipped USPS to him on the 13th of Feb and returned on the 24th of Feb.

Youxin did a CLA on the body, beam splitter, recovered it and CLAed the two lenses in a very short time. I get to put a roll of film in it this weekend and try it, I just have to tell you he did an outstanding job. It looks like it did when my Uncle brought it home from Germany for my dad. (I imagine it looked this clean since I was a gleam in my fatherís eye then.)

I look forward to traveling again to see my father and mother and maybe get him to take a few pictures with it of me and mom and such. I too look forward to using it too. I learned on this camera.