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(1)My story was just to suggest that what is anathema to some is, rightly or wrongly, revered by others and we shouldn't judge without the full facts.

(2)I offer no opinion or judgement, but it was enlightening that our (my) "western values" are not universal, and when we seek to impose them on other cultures we may not be doing them any favours.
(1) Yes, indeed. One of the philosophical issues we seem to be grappling with in this thread is what constitutes "full facts". All I can say is that I agree that judging (meaning the declaration of an absolute judgement, not discussing possibilities) should be based on as many facts or information sources as possible to avoid being idle gossip. It is sometimes difficult to tease out the difference between what might be called 'academic gossip' and idle gossip. Several of us seem to draw that line differently.

(2) I can relate. Just last night I was in conversation with a man who is father to a child in my child's class. We were discussing grades and an online tool we use to monitor our children's academic work. That software allows limits to be set for which an information message will be sent to the parent via email. We quickly learned that he and I had vastly different criteria: his being A minus, and mine being quite a bit lower. He thought I was crazy (as did I think of him) until he told me that an A minus is an "Asian F". He is Asian and I am not. We probably still think each other is a bit nuts, but we are friends because neither one of us will judge each other... in fact, neither one of us will give each other advise either. These cultural differences can be hilarious at times!

Bringing it back to photograhy for a moment... we run into the same issue on that topic when we are both photographing our kids at school events. He seems to sneer at me as I reload film, and I must do the same as he chimps his digital camera. But when we share photos it's all good, as the kids say.