I no longer have my collection of Pen F series slrs. An Olympus rep was scouring the country looking for all he could find to resell to the medical industry. I had the F, FT and FTV bodies along with the complete lineup of lenses. At the time I was picking them up, I was collecting 1.2 frame cameras. These Pens were wonderful shooters and the results excellent.

I only traded because the photo dealer who contacted me offered an unbelievable trade for a nearly new nearly complete Bronica ETRS system and some other cameras I was looking for. We cut a deal for my then entire camera collection that included almost all then Oly 1/2 cameras, a very extensive Exacta collection that at the time someone else was searching for and a number of other cameras. Never regretted the trade but, always missed the Pen F system as it was a great travel and daily shooter.