Yeah, it is pretty big.

I am going to order a 42" x 98 foot roll of Warmtone fiber and have it shipped to my father in law in the bay area where he will store it for me. It's like $800 but gives me 28 = 42 x 42 inch print possibilities. Considering these would be small editions and and print to order, they will have a per unit cost of less than $100 each but go for upwards of 3 grand for individuals and slightly less for interior designers, etc.

So now the question becomes what lens do I get for this task, will my 90mm F/4 Apo-Rodagon work with a Durst CLS2000 diffusion enlarger or should I go with another lens...?

I just took in an nice order of paper today, 100 sheets of Warmtone in 11 x 14 and 16 x 20, yummy!!