That's one you took on our walk isn't it?

I also, have been receiving postcards and I seem to go through withdrawal on the days that none show up.

The last few I have received have been welcomed additions to those already received.

Darwin's "Me, The Bean, Chicago". I like the skewed lines and the way the subject seems to lean into the frame as he is intently getting his focus. Interesting composition.

Christopher Coy's zydeco breakfast is wonderful. Having spent a lot of time in 'Orleans myself, I must ask if you caught this while he was at rest because I know how fast they play. But judging from the blur of his index finger on the key, you caught him at just that right moment. I am definitely going to have to try the Ilford stock you printed it on.

I still have a few more that I have to get in the mail but I will leave it to your imagination's as to why I haven't finished yet.