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PS - washing large prints is easy if you find or make an oversize tray and locate one of those old
fashioned Kodak tray siphon attachments. They work very well for one print at a time. But there are
analogous ways to do it inexpensively.
I have access to a Zone VI 20x24 washer that makes washing FB and RC prints practically a joke. But at that size, one can manage very little FB prints. It's time and space consuming.
Washing anything larger then 20x24 in RC is easy: A hose and some space.
But FB is another story: washing huge FB prints one by one (one hour each), add toning for archival standards (another half-hour), then careful handling to avoid creases (half an hour overall), then dry them flat, well, it quickly becomes a millionaire's game.

To me, 16x20 FB is the maximum "easily" manageable size, or 20x24 if we're talking RC just because it dries quickly and washes in 10 minutes.

All in all, good luck in your endeavors. Try not to go mad