"Newbie" would be a far too generous term for me to use to describe myself; I had thought that with a dozen years of 35mm and a couple years of fooling around with a Bronica SqAi, I could say I knew something about photography, but if I've learned anything, it's that I know virtually nothing. I'm new to the site, and while I do have waiting for me at home --I'm abroad for the time being-- a Crown Graphic and a Graphic View II, I haven't yet had a chance to shoot so much as a single frame with either of them. You might think that with this apologia I've cleared the way for my questions, but wait till you get a laugh out of this...

I got hold of a E. Suter Basle Aplanat B No 6 16x13. I made myself vulnerable to this by drooling over pictures of big fat lenses removed from military aerial cameras; this Aplanat B is gorgeous --and I haven't the least notion of what it is, other than a). beautiful b). clean as a whistle; furthermore, the guy who pulled it out of an old wooden 8x10 knows as much about it as I do, i.e., zip.

I've scoured the internet for mention of this lens and have come up with next to nothing --this thread here is about the only thing I found.

Alright, so here's the punch line: shameless naif that I am, I have this horrible need to ask whether there would be any way this thing could be deployed in the 4x5 Graphic View. I realize that by now everybody is roaring, but I had to ask. I'm such a boot that I don't quite know the significance of its huge focal length --if I remember correctly, one mention reported it as between 450mm and 600/650mm (yes, I'll be researching this matter a.s.a.p.). If the full coverage (if my understanding of the terminology is accurate [and it may not be]) is something like 11 inches by 14 inches, does this mean I will of necessity have to build a camera to those dimensions, or can I simply utilize a narrower field?

As you can see, I am soaking wet behind the ears. Any idea what sort of camera I could use this with? What shutter could be fitted to it? Any idea what resource I could use to pick my way through this minefield?

By the way, I'll be visiting every analog photography forum I can find --maybe the church bulletin board too-- and posting this verbatim, so apologies in advance for being both pesky and repetitious.