Does anyone know if the the lens barrel indexing screw has to be adjusted in any special fashion or distance along the barrel from the gear base?

Or does it just only screw into the lens barrel slot there with no special adjusting?

I had an idler gear cap screw portion break inside the threaded bearing or bushing that holds the cap there and I had to use a very small drill and an extractor to get it out. Not fun, but no other injuries to the camera were sustained in the process.

This part of the camera has since been replaced. The rangefinding dial, idler gear, and toothed base of the lens barrel works okay now, but is just a little tough to turn.

The barrel portion of the lens is sitting a smidge above the replacement idler cap at infinity and about 5mm or 3/16" above the toothed base of the lens barrel at the 3 foot setting.

Do I need to do any special adjusting to the lens barrel beyond just aligning the rangefinder adjustment screws at this point?

I forgot to mention this particular C3 was manufactured in early to mid 1948.