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So, no matter where it comes from (Calbe or Vaihingen/Enz) it is reddish and not yellowish as the Agfa Rodinal from the 90s? Does the color simply change from re-bottling and re-packaging or is there a more subtler, chemical difference? I am asking all of this in order to choose the best developer with original APX 100 in 120 format intended for sharpest possible 45x45" RC prints.
The Calbe formulation is sold as APH09 by Adox, and is the pre war formula of Rodinal, as is the Foma ro9, and is reddish brown, but it is just as good and keeps just as long, use the same time/dilution as Agfa product, the earlier aph09 was diluted at 1/40, but is now 1/25/50.