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Is it possible?


Can Ilford RC-paper and Ilford MG-developer be used succesfully? (It's what we use at the school now). We have EFKE 25 ISO 4x5" film, so maybe that is a good one to try for film?

Any tip and experiences you have would be great, thanks!

I only tried paper "solarization" / Sabattier once. Paper used was standard Ilford MGIV FB and I just used plain Ilford Multigrade developer and used a small probably 10W tungsten light source / lamp above the paper developer tray. I don't remember the exposure time, probably a few seconds at the most. As you can see (left image), the image is low contrast and fogged (brown colors is from brush applied sepia toner), but it was just a single darkroom session where I experimented with it. I still kind of like the image though. The right image is a reverse contact printed copy of the left (paper-on-paper), entirely sepia toned.